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 Post subject: Black Rock Foundry Hotfix
PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:59 pm 
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Blackrock Foundry

• Oregorger's health has been reduced by 10% on Normal difficulty.
• Oregorger's Rolling Fury ability now deals less damage on Normal difficulty (135,000 damage) and on Heroic difficulty (200,000 damage).

The Blast Furnace
• Heart of the Mountain should no longer spam raid warnings for Blast whenever it reaches 100 Energy.
• Mind Controlled Firecallers should no longer be able to cast Reactive Earth Shield on injured Primal Elementalists.

• Kromog's Reverberations should now be easier to dodge with a 3-second delay before the ability starts dealing damage (up from 1.75 seconds) and the effect's radius has been decreased.

Beastlord Darmac
• Beastlord Darmac's Call the Pack now has an increased cooldown of 40 seconds (up from 30 seconds) on Normal difficulty.
• Fixed an issue where the doors to Beastlord Darmac may not always reopen after the encounter has been reset.

Operator Thogar
• Enrage mechanic for the encounter is now more lethal.

Iron Maidens
• Admiral Gar'an: Dominator Turret's Dominator Blast no longer deals damage to player pets, minions or guardians.
• Enforcer Sorka's Convulsive and Lingering Shadows are no longer incorrectly removed when the targeted player dies.
• Marak the Blooded's Blood Ritual still only targets a player within 45 yards but the damage cone now has a range of 100 yards.
• Fixed an issue where Iron Maidens not on the Dreadnaught may instantly cast their spells and abilities at the end of the boat phase.
• Fixed an issue where Marak the Blooded was incorrectly gaining Sanguine Strikes at 75 Iron Fury on Mythic difficulty.

• Rubble Piles should no longer appear after the transition to stage two.
• Fixed an issue where a player may not be correctly protected from Blackhand's Impaling Throw when multiple players were taking cover behind the same Rubble Pile.
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