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 Post subject: Konyhubter intro
PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2017 10:03 pm 
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Name of Main: Konyhunter

Got introduced to you guys through Reaper, an irl friend of mine.. raided with you last two weeks(Thanks for the opportunity) Transferred over to Dunemaul and joined the guild.

A bit about personal -

Name's Brad, 23 and live in Wales. Work full time as an IT Engineer. Cliche job for a wow geek but i'm actually quite far from it lol. Play semi pro Rugby for my local town. Always a perk that I don't have to travel to play for a decent side. I'm sure you'll get to know more as time goes on, anything you want to know don't be shy!

Wow stuff -

Started back in BC but never got fully grabbed by the game.. ended up quitting after hitting like level 50 and didn't return till late Wotlk. Ended up getting hooked on PVE and raiding and that was when I joined my first guild. Team Justice of Frostwhisper to be exact! (How I remember that I'll never know tbh lol) Ended up clearing HC ICC 10 man pre ruby sanctum release.

Early Cata was purely PVP for me.. As i Enjoy both PVE and PVP equally i took the break from raiding to focus on PVP. With the introduction of FL and DS i returned to the PVE scene and ended up forming my own guild with an IRL friend. Reaper also featured but at the time, he was a Feral! The guild progressed quickly into DS clearing it fully on HC.

With the release of MOP I rolled a Mage, had been playing Hunter for so long that I wanted a change. Didn't end up seeing it through, I initially thought a new class would re spark my love for WoW but ended up ubsubbing for quite some time.

Hadn't returned properly untill now really, hence the guild search and that, want to cement a solid guild to progress with as I feel that's half the fun of the game. Wiping is shit but it's also great when you get something down that's been a struggle. Hope I can be a help to you guys and look forward to getting to know you all more.

 Post subject: Re: Konyhubter intro
PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 8:26 am 
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Thanks for the nice introduction Brad. Welcome to our guild ;)

 Post subject: Re: Konyhubter intro
PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2017 10:37 am 
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