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 Post subject: Guild Rules and Ethos ~ Read This First!
PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2014 12:43 pm 

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Guild Rules and Ethos
The Black Fury is a socially active, PvP and PvE horde guild. Come and enjoy the game just as much as we do, with trust in our guildmates and the ability to act and have fun in a mature manner.

We aim at being able to enjoy all aspects of the game at a relaxed and friendly pace. We are not a hardcore guild in any sense but we do like to try hard when we're doing something, be it a dungeon or a raid or even a social gathering. The main principle remaining as that whatever we're doing, we're having fun doing it!

The guild is located on the PvP server of Dunemaul within the European version of World of Warcraft. This server is connected with the servers Auchindoun and Jaedenar. We are open to all nationalities and use the English language as our form of communication.

Our aim is to provide help and assistance for each other in the guild through-out all aspects of the game, whether it is in pvp, questing or just helping out with items and gold, we expect each member to offer assistance to one another.

There is only one restriction and that is our members must be over 18 years of age. This is to provide a mature environment for like-minded players.

General behaviour
No d00d-talk, no begging, spamming, whining, trolling, bitching, stealing, lying or cheating. No being argumentative, rude or abusive.

Repeated breaking of these rules will result in:

1. 1 Day in "Passport Control" (first warning)
2. 2 Days in "Passport Control" (final warning)
3. Kicked from the guild.

Activity & Recruitment
We have found that a guild cannot properly operate with inactive members. Inactive members can find themselves becoming ostracised from the guild purely because of their inactivity. People don't get to know them, they don't get asked to attend events as they are rarely around, others think it unfair if they ask for guild benefits when they are hardly around. With this being the case, we will be removing inactive players from the guild.

When new players have been recruited to the guild, they must be fairly active for 1 month before being accepted as a full member. If a new player has not been sufficiently active for their trial weeks they may find their trial period being extended.

If you wish to quit the guild, please inform us. Don't just quit without speaking to someone. Quitting the guild is perfectly normal, it happens every day. We only need to know the reason so that if there is a problem with the guild we can sort it out for future generations.Those players who quit the guild (for any reason) and at a later date, wish to return, must undergo the normal application process given to all potential recruits.

If you want to take a break from WoW, notify an officer so you're not kicked from the guild if you're gone for longer than 3 months. Peons/grunts who notify an officer that he/she is on a break get an extension of 3 months before getting kicked, this means you can be 6 months offline before getting kicked. For veterans the time for being AFK is double the amount, than it is for peons/grunts.

PVE Parties
Make sure everyone understands which symbol is allocated to them and what CC is required. If this is discussed at the beginning of an instance it will make the run much smoother.

Raiding with TBF means several things. You will be focused on the target. Times will be set and met, preparations made and materials present. You will know what is ahead, understand your foes and friends. We expect the following:

When you sign up for a raid you are expected to show up and log in at least 10 minutes before the start.

You will come prepared by:
- gear fully repaired
- sufficient flasks and food buffs
- correctly gemmed and enchanted gear
- have Skype and/or TeamSpeak installed and an usable headset

You will have researched the boss fights relevant to the run by using a guide. We recommend Fatboss or Yoggscast on YouTube.

You'll listen to raidleaders. There will be no spamming in raidchat, no arguements or noise pollution in Skype, Discord and TeamSpeak.

You'll focus 100% during encounters

If you can't attend the raid you have signed for then contact the raidleader before the start time and remove yourself from the calendar. If you are unable to do these things then make a post on the forums to explain your absence. Failure to do so could result in you being put on stand-by for future raids. We understand that things crop up but respect your guildees and make sure you've explained why you weren't there.

All raids must be advertised on the calendar and can't conflict with other raids.

In the game, any way to kill another character is acceptable and deemed legal by Blizzard. However, many forms of attack bring an air of disrespect. Always remember that we are playing a game. Each person playing the game is entitled to have fun.

With this in mind The Black Fury guild members will always behave in a respectable manner when taking part in PvP:

Do not attack anyone whose name is highlighted grey to you.

Never camp corpses of characters you have just killed. Kill them and move on.

Never spit on characters at any time.

These rules must be followed when engaging with any enemy player.

PVP against Guild Members:
First announce it in guild chat.
Killing a guildy is allowed but only once an hour.
Everyone else is fair game.
Make a screenshot if you get killed more often in 1 hour.
You are allowed to defend yourself if you get attacked by a guild mate, than you are allowed to kill the attacker even if you killed him not long before.
Make a screenshot of the Combat Log to see who started.

We Are The Fury!
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